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Let me start by saying a have always enjoyed dirty sex, my sexual fantasies have always been kinky and I cum the hardest when some kind of perverted action is involved. About two years ago I met a couple in a bar and while seemingly innocent at first they turned out to be just as perverted as or even more than me.

After a few drinks they told me the went to bars to pick up men who’d fuck the woman while cuckold hubby watched. He usually only jerked off while his wife was fucked hard to orgasm after orgasm and rarely joined in, occasionally he’d lick his wife pussy clean but that was it. As we drank the night away they told me about there kinkiest escapades and their dirty stories made my cock grow harder and bigger. I couldn’t help imagining how horny it must be to fuck that slut wife while her sissy husband was stroking his cock watching us.

Since we had been openly talking about our sex life all night it wasn’t too difficult for me to come straight to the point and I asked the wife if she’d ever been with a shemale. She said no never. I took her hand and placed it on my now enormous dick and asked if she would want to that night. I normally do not hit on women but since her Cuck Husband would be joining the fun I had no problems with it. She squeezed my cock a few times and her eyes sparkled and she immediately told her husband to ask for the bill.

It was a 10 minute walk to the couples house and during the walk we started with some nasty dirty talk, She was telling her husband how she was going to cum over and over on my cock and laughed at him when he’d confessed he’d already had gotten an erection by the thought of it. In turn I was telling the wife how I would fill her wet slit up and use all her hole so her husband could see what a filthy whore she really was. When we finally arrived at their apartment I instantly freed my cock to give it space it desperately need, and this dirty whore didn’t wasted any time either and dropped to her knees and started sucking me she let her hand slip under her skirt and started rubbing her clit like a maniac. I knew she was extremely wet because I could hear the juicy noises coming from under her skirt.

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